196B version 2.html">Three Section Articulated Arm

Made after 2005-07-15

143BKT Camera Bracket196B 3 section Articulated Arm

196B-2 3 Section Articulated ArmAssy


143BKT Camera Bracket

B1 Main Casting
B2 Rubber Pad
B3 Back Knob
B4 Side Knob
B5 1/4 Camera Screw
B6 3/8 Camera Screw



C1 1/4 Clamping Stud
C2 Upper & Lower Clamp Assembly
C3 Poles
C4 Middle Clamp Assembly
C5 3/8 Clamping Stud
C6 Washer
C7 Clamp Screw (not a separate part)
C8 Clamp Knob

Editor note: Not all parts are inerchangeable between versions of this item. Click on the link to see the actual part picture.