443 Version 1 - Carbon Fiber Tripod

Made after 2001-08-29

Manfrotto 443 carbon fiber tripod
A1 Center Column
A2 Center Column Spring
A3 Center Column Cap with screw

B1 Casting Bushing (not a stock item)
B2 Upper Main Casting(not a stock item)
B3 Lower Main Casting (not a stock item)
B4 Lanyard Loop (not a stock item)
B5 Center Column Locking Shoe (not a stock item)
B6 Center Column Lock Knob (not a stock item)
B7 Leg Position Lock Button (not a stock item)

C1 Upper Leg Tube
C2 Middle Leg Tube (not a stock item)
C3 Lower Leg Tube (not a stock item)

D1 Upper leg Lock
D2 Snap Lever

E1 Upper leg Lock
E2 Snap Lever

F Replacement Rubber Foot (set of 3)

G Leg Shim (upper and lower)

H Leg Tube Topper (not a stock item)

I Leg Clips

Editor note:

Parts marked as USED are reconditioned and only available as USED.
Where there is a dual listing the one not showning USED is the NEW
part. Item L for example.
Click on the link to see the actual part picture.