509HD Video Head
with Bowl Base

Made after 2011-04-26

B1 Accessory Pin
B2 QR Safety Lock
B3 QR Receiver - Top Plate
B4 QR Locking Shoe
B5 QR Lock Knob

C1 Side Plate (left side)
C2 Tension Knob

D1 Pan Handle with Clamp
D2 Pan Handle Locking Disk
D3 Retaining Screws for Pan Disk

All Parts For Pan Handle Are Listed Here

E1 Tilt Tension Locking Knob
E2 Bezel (not a stock item)
E3 Pressure Rocker (not a stock item)
E4 Right Side Plate (not a stock item)
E5 Tension Spring (not a stock item)
E6 Tilt Lock Knob
E7 Tilt Fluid Disk

F1 Pan Lock Knob
F2 Pan Tension Knob (not a stock item)
F3 Main Casting (not a stock item)
F4 Pan Fluid Disk

G1 Level Handle

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