756XB version 4 Aluminum Video Tripod

Made after 2008-09-26
For serial number from A1588573

A1 Center Column Lock Knob
A2 Center Column Brake Shoe

B1 Main Casting Top Plate
B2 Main Casting Bottom Plate

C No Parts Listed

D Center Column Assembly
D1 Top Leveler Plate
D2 Center Shaft
D3 Inside Ball
D4 Center Column
D5 Leveler Plate Tightening Knob

E1 Leg Brace & Rubber Leg Tube
E2 Leg Extender Release Button
E3 Leg Clips (not available)

F1 Upper Leg Lock Assy
F2 Upper Snap Lever

G Middle Leg Tube

H1 Lower Leg Lock Assy
H2 Lower Snap Lock Lever

I Lower Leg Tube

J1 Rubber Foot (set of 3)
J2 Spike foot set of 3 - 20mm dia

K Cable Clip & Wrench

L Strap Loop

Editor note: Versions 1, 3 and 4 are the same. Version 2
part B2 was an assembly including part B2 and was changed
back for version 3 and 4. Part E2 was changed in version 3 and 4.

These pictures are for illustration only
Click on the link to see the actual part picture.