MPMXPROA3B.html">3 Section Aluminum Monopod
with Retractible Foot

Made after 2016-10-07

Our parts are for the US models and will have "US" at the end of the model number. This model replaces the MMXPROA3B.html">all parts are the same.
Manfrotto MMXPROA3B monopod

MPMXPROA3BUS Complete Monopod

A Top Tube and Camera Mount

B1 Upper Leg Lock
B2 Upper Snap Lever

C Middle Tube

D1 Lower Leg Lock
D2 Lower Snap Lever

E Bottom Tube

F Foot Assembly (not a stock item)

G Wrist Strap

K Cable Clip & Wrench
Editor note: The replacement parts for the leg locks are NOT interchangeable with the old parts.