MT190XPRO3 - Aluminum Tripod

Made after 2014-07-15

Complete MT190XPRO3 Tripod Assembly

A Center Column Assy
A1 Grub Screw
A2 Top Bezel Ring & Bubble
A3 Side Bubble Level-Single
A3 Side Bubble Level-10 pack

B Red Pro Casting

C1 Main Casting Top Plate
C2 Main Casting Bottom Plate
C3 Center Column Lock Knob
C4 Rubber Cap

D1 Leg Extender Release Button
D2 Upper Tube and Brace (no rubber)
D3 Upper Tube and Brance with Rubber Grip

E1 Leg Brace & Upper Leg Tube
E2 Leg Extender Release Button

F Middle Leg Tube

G1 Lower Leg Lock Assy
G2 Lower Snap Lock Lever

H Lower Leg Tube

I (not shown, is not a part)
J (not shown, is not a part)

K Rubber Foot single
K Rubber Feet - 3 Pack

L1 (not shown, is not a part)
L2 (not shown, is not a part)
L3 Cable Clip


Editor note: Item numbers listed in the index on the right column may not
be shown on the picture because the part may be obscured or is inside in
underneath another part and cannot be shown. Click on the link to see the
actual Part picture. Links will turn red on "mouse-over' and blue after they
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