MVA50A Video Fluid Foot Base

Made after 2014-11-12

Manfrotto MVA50A Fluid Base
A1 Locking ring
A2 Tension Shoes
A3 Ball Assy

B1 Tri-Foot Assy
B2 Rubber Feet

MVA50A Fluid Base with Retractable Feet
This foot is particulaliy interesting as it is not just a foot. Hence the new name.

This is a base upon which you monopod becomes a fluid tool. The MVA50a Fluid Base will convert any photo monopod into a fully finctional video monopod. This base gives you fluid panning and truckl movements without having to change anything. The feet are retractable so they fold up and out of the way for a single contact point on the floor. This was made to be compatible with the Manfrotto 679B, 680B and 558B photo monopods; or any monopod with a 20mm diameter tube in the last section.

Replaced by the MVMXPROBASE Click Here for Video Fluid Base specifications.