MVK502AQ & MVH502AH- Alum Video Tripod Kit

Made after 2014-07-08

MVH502A Head Diagram
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AAA Ball tightening Knob

AA Leveling Ball

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MVH502AH Head Parts Page

HB1 MVH500AH QR Receiver Top Plate
HB3 QR Plate Lock Shoe (not a stock item)
HB4 Main Baffle (not a stock item)
HB5 QR Plate Lock Shoe

HC1 Main Pivot Screw
HC2 Left Side with Spring (not a stock item)
HC3 Main Housing (not a stock item)
HC4 Side Bubble Level-Single
HC4 Side Bubble Level-10 pack
HC5 Pan Fluid Disk (uses 2 in head)
HC6 Right Side (not a stock item)
HC7 Bezel Ring (not a stock item)
HC8 Face Plate(not a stock item)
HC9 Label (not a stock item)

HD1 Rotating Lock Knob
HD2 Rotation Lock Shoe

HH Pan Handle Assembly

AA Leveling Ball

AAA Ball Tightening Knob

A Ball Adapter (75mm to 60mm)

B1 Main Casting
B2 Leg Release
B3 Leg Retainer

C1 Leg Assembly (no endgravings)
C2 Leg Assembly (with endgravings)
C3 Upper Leg Clamp
C4 Middle Leg Clamp
C5 Bottom Leg Tube and Lock Assy
(not a stock item)
C6 Leg Lock Lever

The retractable rubber foot is not sold separately, it is only available as a part of the bottom leg assembly C5 or the complete leg C1, C2

D Cable Clip (not shown)

Editor note: There are 3 versions of this tripod is know.
All are similar enough and interchangeable that only one
is listed here.

Editor note: Click on the link to see the actual part picture.