536 Version 1 - Carbon Video Tripod

Made after 2008-04-22
For Serial Number A1248001

536 carbon tripod
A Ball Control/Platform (not a stock item)

B1 Ball Adapter (75mm to 100mm)
B2 Main Casting (not a stock item)

C1 Leg Top Cap (not a stock item)
C2 Upper Leg & Brace (not a stock item)
C3 Middle Leg Tube (not a stock item)
C4 Lower Leg Tube (not a stock item)
C5 Tube with Foot (not a stock item)

D1 Leg Clamp (not a stock item)
D2 Leg Lock Lever

E1 Leg Clamp (not a stock item)
E2 Leg Lock Lever

F1 Leg Clamp
F2 Leg Lock Lever

G Inner Tube Bushings (set of 3)
G2 Outer Leg Tube Bushings (set of 3)
Editor note: Only one version of this tripod is know. Parts G1 & G2 (not shown here) are required if you are purchasing new leg tubes or if the old leg tubes are wobbly.

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