546B Version 1 - Aluminum Video Tripod

Made after 2009-07-03
For Serial Number A2034151

546b tripod version 1

J1 500BALL Manfrotto 500Ball
J2 500BALLSHManfrotto 500BallSHort Handle

A Main Casting (not a stock item)

B Leg Attachments (not a stock item)

C Leg Assembly (not a stock item)

D1 Rubber Padded Foot (set of 3)
D2 USED Rubber Padded Foot
D3 Rubber Foot Cover

E1 Leg Clamp
E2 Leg Lock Lever
E3 Leg Lock Pivot (not a stock item)

F1 Leg Clamp
F2 Leg Lock Lever
F3 Leg Lock Pivot (not a stock item)

G Spreader Pivot

H Leg Clip

I Leg Spreader Assembly
Click Here for Spreader Parts

J Ball Control
J1 Ball with long handle
J2 Ball with Short Handle Editors Notes: These parts are NOT compatible with other 500 seriels tripods.

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